Q: When will Mesastila100 held?
A:  MesaStila100 will be held on:  
Friday, October 6, 2023 – Technical Meeting
Saturday, October 7. 2023 – 100K, 65K, 42K
Sunday, October 8, 2023 – 21K, 12K

Q: Where will the race be held?
A: 100K, 65K, 42K, 21K, 12K, running at the area four mountains nearby MesaStila Resort and Spa.  Starts from MesaStila to Mt. Andong 1726m – Mt. Merbabu 3145m – Mt. Telomoyo 1894m – Mt. Gilituri 1368m; challenge tracks filled with various views, such as running and walking on heights on small paths, steep tracks, and cliff areas are good and challenging moments following overgrown forest paths, small village roads, rice field paths, pine tree forests and coffee paths the estate ends in MesaStila.

Q: What race categories are offered?
A: MesaStila100 event offers five race categories, inviting runners of all levels to participate, including:

 Q: What time does it start?
A: 100K – Start on Saturday, October 7. 2023 at 5.00 am
A:    65K – Start on Saturday, October 7. 2023 at 4.00 pm
A:    42K – Start on Saturday, October 7. 2023 at 11.00 pm
A:    21K – Start on Sunday, October 8.2023 at 5.00 am
A:     12K – Start on Sunday, October 8. 2023 at 6.00am

Q: Where is the start and finish line of the race?
A:  Start and finish at MesaStila

Q: Are there specific limit times for event?
A: Yes, there are Race limit times as follows:

100K: 31 hours
65K   : 20 hours
42K   : 13 hours
21K   : 7 hours
12k   : 3 hours

Q: Is Mesastila100 Trail Running Race?
A: Yes, The MesaStila100 offers a demanding course that involves difficult terrain, a testing environment and strenuous hill-climbs. With this challenging course participants should be ready and well prepared for facing a possibility of injury.

Q: Will there be many hills?
A: Yes, here at MesaStila100 Course the elevations range from 675m up to 8,298m elevation for Ultra.

Q: How do I register?
A: Register online through Mesastila100, website

Q: What is included with registration?
A: Race Registration Includes:

Race Entry
Running T-Shirt
Personalized BIB
Finisher Medal/trophy
Finisher t-shirt
Medical Care – First Aid Stations
Fluid and Fuel Stations
Post-race refreshment

Q: When does the Registration open and close?
A: Registration opens on March – June 2023 (early bird) and closed on July 2023 or the registration maybe closed earlier when the number of participants is concluded.

Q: I am injured, sick, pregnant or any personal matter, can I get a refund?
A:  No.  Entry fees are non-refundable.

Q: Can I give or sell my number to another runner?
A: No.  Entries are non-transferable. Doing so may result in disqualification.

Q: Can I authorize another person to pick up my race packet?
A: Yes.  However, the person you authorize will need to present your confirmation number and your identification, as well as their own picture identification.

Q: Can I pick-up my race packet on the same day as the race?
A: Yes. At least 3 hours before the race starts on the runner registration desk, but we highly recommend picking up one day before race.

Q: Where can I find the information to become the sponsor of Mesastila100?
A: Please contact our team at  

Q: Are skates, skateboards, bikes or carriages of any kind allowed on Mesastila100?
A: No. For the safety of the runners, any of these tools are not allowed during the race.

Q: Can I have headphones, ipods, and MP3 players on the course?
A: this event and much of the course is off-road where traffic will not be an issue, you can use the above mentioned items to make your experience more enjoyable. That being said, you need to be aware of your immediate surroundings.

Q: Where are the nearest airports located?
A: We are located in between three international airport of Semarang, Solo and Jogja. It takes about 90 minutes drive from Semarang Airport; about 3 hours drive from Jogja, about 2 hours drive from Solo Airport to MesaStila.

Q: What is the recommended transportation to access the venue?
A: The best way to access Race Central is from Semarang Airport; alternatively, you may consider Yogyakarta Airport and Solo Airport but it has a longer journey.

Q: Will I be able to recharge my mobile phone at aid stations?
A: No, You should ensure your batteries is fully recharged and bring spare batteries.

Q: I would like to turn off my mobile phone during the race, however I’ve been told that we may receive emergency messages from race headquarters. Are there any areas where it is mandatory to keep my mobile phone on to receive SMS messages?
A: There are no specific areas where you must be able to receive SMS messages. You must keep your mobile phone on at all times in order to receive messages regarding bad weather, earthquakes and other emergencies.

Q: A mobile phone is included on the mandatory equipment list but my batteries won’t last for 16 hours. Is it okay if my batteries don’t last?
A: You may receive an emergency phone call from the race headquarters so please carry a spare battery and keep the phone on during the race.

Q: What do you mean by adhesive elastic tape/band?
A: This is strong tape that can not only be used for emergencies such as fractures and injuries but can also be used for many things including repairing broken equipment (such as your backpack straps). The minimum length is 80cm x 3cm.

Q: Can I bring a survival blanket in the shape of a sleeping bag? This type of bag is not 130cm x 200cm but if you cut it and spread it open, it is larger than 130cm x 200cm.
A: Yes. You can bring a sleeping bag style survival blanket as long as it meets the size requirements when completely spread out.

Q: Can I just carry a pair of long pants or long tights/leggings that cover the ankles instead of wearing them?
A: Yes – this is okay. The long pants/tights are to keep you warm so if the weather is good and the temperature is high, you can put these items in your backpack. If you feel cold, please take them out of your backpack and wear them.

Q: Does a cap and headband or the hood of my jacket meet the requirements for “warm hat that covers the ears”?
A: Neither a cap and headband nor a jacket hood meet the requirements of “warm hat”. You must bring a warm hat that covers both ears (for example wool or polyester knit cap).

Q: Do I have to wear/put on the mandatory equipment at all times?
A: No. You do not have to wear the mandatory equipment at all times. You can put it in your backpack if you’re not using it. You can run in your bathing suit if you’d like – just make sure you have all the items in the backpack you’re carrying with you during the race or else you will be disqualified. There will be gear checks for the MesaStila100.

Q: Will there be enough water at the aid stations to refill my hydration bladder?
A: Yes. There will be plenty of water available at the aid stations.

Q: Will you be posting a list of racer names?
A: The racer list will be available in web site.


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